About us

Joint venture ASPECT is a unique wallpaper manufacturer, located not far from Nizhny Novgorod in the city of Dzerzhinsk. Founded in 2008 by two world leading wallpaper companies A.S. Creation (Germany) and KOF Palitra (Russia) the factory is now actively growing which allows it to stay up to date.

We produced our first roll on October 20th, 2012. Two combined printing lines installed at the factory have the estimated capacity of 700 000 standard rolls per month. The factory premises of 6 ha include a production and administrative halls, finished goods as well as raw materials warehouses.

In 2013 in order to gain a bigger market share we started producing wallcoverings under our own brand known as Wallpaper World, designed and produced at the factory facilities in Dzerzhinsk. Now the number of employees is over than 160.

Our product line includes 3 types of wallpaper:

  • Paper-based expanded vinyl wallpaper with roll size 0,53m х 10,05m & 0,53m х 15,05m
  • Non-woven-based expanded vinyl wallpaper with roll size 1,06m х 10,05m & 1,06m х 25,00m
  • Non-woven-based embossed vinyl wallpaper with roll size 1,06m × 10,05m
According to our technology only high-quality raw materials imported from Germany, Belgium, Sweden and Finland are used.

ASPECT is eco-friendly. For instance, the heat generated during the production process is recuperated and used for central heating of the buildings. Paper and film waste get recycled. Wallpaper claimed as defective is used by our partners producing bitumen additives.

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